Photo Gallery

Family Photographs

These are photographs of the various and sundry branches on our family tree.  The photographs are organized by family groups. Each group is on a separate page. Click on the Go button to view a group. Click on the Photo Gallery menu link to return to this page.

1.     Thomas - Pike - Nash - Drew

Photographs taken in Florida, mostly ranging from about 1905 to 1950.
5 photos contain some unidentified people and your help is needed!

2.     Mace - Morrish - Hubbard

Photographs taken in Florida ranging from about 1890 to 1959.
3 Morrish photographs taken in England from about 1850 to 1910.

3.     Olsen - Yates

While I do not yet have any family history information posted on these familes, I do have several photographs ranging back to about 1900.

Peter Olsen came to Pensacola, Florida, from Denmark in 1879. Peter Olsen married Margaret Barbara Rauscher who immigrated from Germany in 1870. Their son, Julian Ole Olsen was born in Pensacola on July 13, 1893.

Tandy Graves Yates and Sibyl Euginia Hill Yates came to Pensacola, Florida from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, around 1900. Their third child, Nell Cooper Yates, born in Hopkinsville on May 6, 1896, married Julian Ole Olsen in Pensacola, Florida, on August 4, 1917.

4.     Cole - Dennis

Glenn William Cole married Sibyl Jean Olsen in Pensacola, Florida in 1943. He was the son of Glenn Wagner Cole and Dorothy V. Dennis of Ohio. While I do not have any family history information regarding these families on this site, there are some interesting photos of Dorothy Dennis and her brother, Robert Levan Dennis.

Robert Levan Dennis was born July 20, 1880 in Lancaster, Ohio, the son of William F. Dennis (1851-1933) and Clara Belle Slough (1855-1924). Robert enlisted in the U. S. Army in December 1898 at Cleveland, Ohio, and served until January 1914. He was in the cavalry and served stateside and in the Philippine Islands. After leaving the army, he settled in Harding County, New Mexico, where he died November 6, 1963. In New Mexico, Robert worked mostly as a miller and there are several photos of Wilson Mills and the area of Mills Station and Springer, New Mexico, taken about 1920-1930.

5.     Florida Memory Project

For those interested in photographs of old Florida and its people, I highly recommend the Florida Memory Project of the Florida State Archives.

The Florida Photographic Collection is a nationally recognized component of the State Archives of Florida and contains more than 850,000 photographs, and approximately 2,500 movies and video tapes. Over 100,000 of the photographs have been scanned and placed on this website.

The collection spans a wide range of visual images from copies of mid 15th Century maps to current photographs. Most of the holdings in the collection have been obtained singly or in small groups. Together, they form the most complete portrait of Florida available--one that draws its strength from family pictures, the homes of Floridians, their work, and their pastimes.

An index to the photographic collection can be seen by clicking here.