George Mandy Morrish was born in 1849 in England, fifth of ten children of James Morrish and Eleanor Mandy. Sometime between 1881 and 1885 he came to the United States where he married Adeline Child Hubbard in 1885. They settled at Anclote, Hillsborough County, Florida where he was an orange grower.

They had four children: Eleanor Almeda Morrish (b. 1886), Dorothy Morrish (b. 1891), Florence Morrish (b. 1893) and Frederick David Morrish (b. 1898). Their eldest child, Eleanor, married Loring Poole Mace at Anclote on July 9, 1907, and the couple moved to Lake Helen in Volusia County, Florida.

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MORRISH Family Tree
Beginning in 1772 in England.
Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery contains several photographs of the Morrish family beginning with James Morrish and Eleanor Mandy Morrish in about 1860.