My Ulmer connection stems from Mary Ulmer marrying Isham B. Thomas on November 29, 1846 in Decatur County, Georgia. I know very little regarding the Ulmers and do not know who Mary's parents were. All I know of her ancestry is that census data reports that she was born in South Carolina about 1820-22. Mary and Isham were in Lowndes County, Georgia for the 1850 census and moved to Alachua County, Florida in late 1850 or early 1851 where they remained for the rest of their lives. Mary died in Alachua County, Florida, September 15, 1873, having outlived her husband by about 5 years.

Decatur County, Georgia, court records show Ulmers were there as early as 1844. I could find no probate information for the Ulmers. No Ulmers (or spelling variations) are shown there on the 1830 census. However, there is an Elender Elmen on the 1840 census index but not on the 1850 census.

Ulmer Marriages
Decatur County, GA
(earliest to 1899)

Groom Bride Marriage Date Book-Page No.
Mitchell Long Carolyn Ulmer Jun 16, 1844 A-68
Isham B. Thomas Mary Ulmer Nov 29, 1846 A-99
John McEachron Catherine J. Ulmer May 12 1847 A-107
Joseph Ulmer Mary Smith Dec 4, 1849 A-158
Luke J. Ellmore Ellen M. Ducker Feb 20, 1850 A-181
S.V. Ulmore Mary Saunders Dec 27, 1849 A-159
Clayton Ulmer Annie L. Hudson Mar 18, 1894 B-773

Joseph A. Ulmer and Simon V. Ulmer both have deeds recorded in Decatur County, GA during the period 1849 to 1855.

The 1840 census information for Elender (Eleanor?) Elmen (Ulmer?) is below with my guess as to the corresponding names:

1840 Census

Age Ranges >> 10 to 15 15 to 20 20 to 30 40 to 50
Males: 1
(Simon or Luke)
- 1
Females: 1

1850 census information shows S. Ulmore (age 27, farmer, page 55A), Joseph Ulmore (age 34, merchant, page 73A), Catherine (Ulmer) McEachland (age 22, farmer's wife, page 72A) still living in Decatur County and all being born in South Carolina. This would place their dates of birth in the same range as my Mary Ulmer and would probably indicate they were Mary's siblings.

The 1850 census also shows (page 49A) Luke Elmore (age 21) having no occupation and being born in South Carolina. Both Luke and his wife Elinor (age 18) are shown as not being able to read or write, whereas all the other Ulmores are shown as being able to do so. I do not know if Luke Elmore is part of the Ulmer/Ulmore family.