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Julian Ole Olsen. Born July 13, 1893, Pensacola, Florida. Died June 21, 1975, Pensacola, Florida. Portrait photo taken in 1917 at Pensacola, Florida.


Taken on the steps of the Yates' home, Pensacola, FL, in July or August 1921. Julian and Nell (Yates) Olsen with Sibyl and newborn Julian, Jr.


Nell Yates Olsen. Photo taken 1913, Pensacola, Florida.


Portrait of Sibyl Jean Olsen and Julian Ole Olsen, Jr. taken in Augusta, GA about 1923


The Olsen family - Taken at Pensacola, FL, January 1, 1943. Sibyl is sitting and her parents, Julian Olsen, Sr. and Nell Yates Olsen, are seated to her left. On the floor are (L to R) Ruth Ellen, Terry and Margaret. Julian, Jr. is seated at the right side of the photo. The puppies are (L to R) Bob Hope, Teeny and Twotoe


Sibyl Eugenia Hill Yates, born 1867 (Hopkinsville, KY), died 1950 (Pensacola, FL). The photo was taken in Pensacola, FL in 1943. She is wearing a dress from her wedding (1887) trousseau. She was the daughter of Jerome Loring Yates and Marian Tandy.


Sibyl Eugenia Hill Yates Photo taken about 1920


Sibyl Jean Olsen and Glenn William Cole on their wedding day, November 7, 1943, Pensacola, FL.


Julian Olsen Jr., Sibyl Olsen Cole, Margaret Olsen, Ruth Ellen Olsen, Terry Olsen, 1943, Pensacola, FL.


Two photographs of Tandy Yates and Sibyl Hill Yates, taken 1940-1941 in Pensacola, FL


Tandy Yates, Sibyl Hill Yates, Robert Jerome Yates, Nell Yates Olsen, Charles Yates, taken 1941 in Pensacola, FL


Sibyl Hill Yates, Nell Yates Olsen, Sibyl Olsen Cole, and Dorothy Jean Cole, taken 1945 in Pensacola, FL


Nell Yates Olsen and Julian Olsen, Sr., taken 1942 in Pensacola, FL.


Alice Cayce Hill, wife of William H. Hill. Taken in Hopkinsville, KY about 1890. Sibyl Eugenia Hill and her brother, John Hill, went to live with William and Alice Hill in Hopkinsville after their parents died between 1870-1880.


Margaret Barbara Rauscher, wife of Peter Olsen. Newspaper photograph and article from Pensacola, FL, about 1915.


Julian Ole Olsen and Petrea Olsen, children of Peter and Margaret Olsen, taken about 1913 at Bayview Park, Pensacola, FL.


Peter Olsen (1855 - 1914) and some of his children, taken about 1900 at Pensacola, FL.


John Colwell Byxbe and Amanda Georgiana Rauscher Byxbe taken at Pensacola, FL or New Orleans, LA, date unknown


Peter Olsen (1855-1914) and P. Engvald Petersen (1868-1910), taken about 1907 at Pensacola, FL.