My primary HALL connection comes from John Pike marrying Nancy Hall, daughter of Sion Hall (1784-1849) and Bridget Hall (1776-??) in 1822, in Irwin County, Georgia.  The Halls and Pikes settled in the Morven area of Lowndes County that later became Brooks County.

I have not done much research on the Halls.  What information I have is that Sion Hall's father was Enoch Hall R.S.  Bridget Hall's father was Lewis Hall R.S. (Enoch Hall's brother).  Both these Hall families were from North Carolina.  

Sion and Bridget had three children: Enoch (1804-1886), Nancy (1806-1837) and Sucky Ann (1809-??).

Sion Hall had two wives in addition to Bridget - Elizabeth Coker and Polly Morrison.  There was another Nancy (1840-??) born to Sion and Polly.

There is an additional, and apparently unrelated, Hall connection with a Madeline Hall marrying Robert Wallace in Choctaw County, Alabama, sometime around 1832.  Robert was originally from North Carolina. (See the Wallace Line)

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