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Thomas - Pike - Nash - Drew

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4 generations of the Thomas family. A 1945 photograph and the only known photograph of Joseph Murray Thomas (1856-1945). Left to right: Pike Thomas (holding granddaughter Martha Bea Thomas), Joseph Murray Thomas, Joe Parks Thomas with this other two daughters Jo Hanna Thomas and Marjory Dorthea Thomas


Monterey Nash Collins and daughter Helen. 1915 photograph taken in Jacksonville, Florida

bessie_tampa_1.jpg bessie_tampa_2.jpg bessie_tampa_3.jpg

A series of three photographs of Hannah Elizabeth "Bessie" Nash Thomas. These were taken in Tampa, Florida in 1910-1911. These include her daughter, Elizabeth Thomas, and her brother, Fred Nash.


Pike and Bessie Thomas. Taken about 1940.


Pike Lewis Thomas (1881 - 1947). Portrait taken about 1895 by Mrs. N. A. Miller, Eustis, Florida


Joe Parks Thomas (1905 - 1974). Taken about 1920 in Jacksonville, Florida


Bessie Nash Thomas (1887 - 1968) and son, Louie Nash Thomas.Taken August 8, 1965


Louie Nash Thomas about 1946


Bettye Mace Thomas about 1946


Louie Nash Thomas and Bettye Mace Thomas, 1968


Jeff Thomas and Jo Hanna Thomas Walker, first cousins, May 2001.

pittman1.jpg pittman2.jpg

Two views of the Thomas homestead, Pittman, Florida. The exact dates of the picture are not known, but believed to be in the 1945-1950 range. The kitchen porch is on the right of the second photo.

Help Needed! Please let me know if you recognize and of the unidentified people in these photos.


A group photograph taken about 1916-18 of Pike Thomas and Bessie Nash Thomas with several unidentified people. I think this is probably a family photograph and these other people might be Nash relations of Bessie.

Front Row (left to right):

  1. unknown boy
  2. unknown woman
  3. Hanna Elizabeth (""Bessie"") Nash Thomas - wife of Pike Thomas

Rear (left to right):

  1. unknown man
  2. Joe Parks Thomas - son of Pike and Bessie Thomas
  3. unknown woman (Louisa Pike Thomas or Madeline Drew Nash?)
  4. Pike Lewis Thomas (holding child)
  5. child - thought to be Louie Nash Thomas (born April 1914).
pier1.jpg pier2.jpg

Two photographs taken at a pier. These photographs are of different people, but holding the same stringer of fish.The dates are not known, but probably about 1920. The location is Florida, probably Jacksonville (Beach), but perhaps on the west coast around the Tampa - St. Petersburg area. The only known people are the younger woman in the middle of the first photo, Bessie Nash Thomas and Bessie's son, Louie Nash Thomas, in the second photo. I am assuming the other people are related to Bessie.

beach1.jpg beach2.jpg

Two beach photographs. Like above, the location is Florida, and probably Jacksonville (Beach), but perhaps on the west coast around the Tampa - St. Petersburg area. The date is not known, but from the appearance of the bathing attire, I'm guessing about 1920. The only known person is the woman on the right of the first photo, Bessie Nash Thomas.