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Mace - Morrish - Hubbard

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John Porter Mace (1847 - 1929) and Mary Luella Poole Mace (1850 - 1929) at their home, Lake Helen, Florida. Photograph taken about 1920.


Edgewood, Lake Helen, Florida. John Mace built this home for his family in 1886. This photograph was probably taken about 1886 - 1890. The photograph was taken by "L. S. Morrison, Photographer, Orange City, Fla."


Edgewood, Lake Helen, Florida. This photograph was probably taken about 1920.


Edgewood, Lake Helen, Florida. An enlargement of the people from the above photograph. Left to right: John Porter Mace, Mace Galloway Oates, Marjorie Minnie Oates, Bettye Alden Mace.


John Porter Mace. Portrait taken about 1900 - 1910


Loring Poole Mace (1883 - 1959). Portrait taken about 1905.


Loring Poole Mace, DeLand, Florida, late 1940's


James Morrish (1807 - 1865). Taken about 1860.


Eleanor Mandy Morrish (1819 - 1912). Taken about 1860


Eleanor Mandy Morrish (1819 - 1912). Portrait taken in England about 1910.

g_and_a_morrish.jpg g_and_a_morrish_2.jpg

George Mandy Morrish (1849 - 1929) and Adeline Child Hubbard Morrish (1857 - 1943). Photographs taken at their home, Anclote, Florida, about 1910. Note the two small pictures on the wall. These are the above two photographs of Eleanor Mandy Morrish and her husband, James. They are about the only items that survived when the Anclote home burned.

anclote_1.jpg anclote_2.jpg

Two photographs of the Morrish home, Anclote, Florida, about 1910.


Eleanor Almeda Morrish (1886 - 1966). Daughter of George and Adeline Morrish. Photograph taken about 1905 while Eleanor was a student at Stetson University, DeLand, Florida.


Dorothy Morrish, daughter of George and Adeline Morrish. Photograph taken about 1910


Florence Morrish (1893 - 1973), daughter of George and Adeline Morrish. Photograph taken in 1911.


Frederick David Morrish, son of George and Adeline Morrish. Photograph taken about 1920.


Eleanor Almeda Morrish Mace and Loring Poole Mace. Taken about the time of their marriage, 1907.


Loring Poole Mace and Eleanor Almeda Morrish Mace at DeLand, Florida, 1957.


Bettye Alden Mace at Lake Helen, Florida, 1916.


Harold Loring Mace, Brigadier General, U. S. Army Air Corps, 1945.


Marjorie Mace Oates and Carlton Galloway Oates at DeLand, Florida, 1971.


Virginia Griggs Mace and children, Barbara Mace and Steve Mace at DeLand, Florida, April 2, 1945.