Adeline Child Hubbard, daughter and oldest child of David Lyman Hubbard and Adeline Child, was born in 1857 in Connecticut. By the 1880 census, she and her family had migrated to Okahumpka in Sumter County, Florida, where her father was listed as a farmer.

Other children of David Hubbard and Adeline Child were Frederick D. Hubbard (b. 1861) and Gertrude Hubbard (b. 1865), both also born in Connecticut.

In 1885 Adeline Child Hubbard married George Mandy Morrish who had emigrated from England sometime after 1880. They settled at Anclote, Hillsborough County, Florida where Morrish was an orange grower.

Adeline Child Hubbard is descended from John Hubbard and Mary Merriam. John Hubbard is believed to have been born in 1630 in England and came to America about 1633.

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Hubbard Family Tree
From about 1630 in New England. Information is primarily from the below book tracing my line from New England to Florida.
Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery has two photographs of Adeline Child Hubbard Morrish taken about 1910.
One Thousand Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895 - From HUBBA, the Norse Sea King, to the Enlightened Present
Compiled by Edward Warren Day and published in 1895 by Harlan Page Hubbard. This is a Hubbard reference book which attempts to give a summary of the Hubbard lines in America as of that time. As the compiler states: "... this volume claims not that it is a Hubbard Genealogy per se. It is, to be more exact, a compendium, or Hubbard Handbook." The top title link to the book is a searchable PDF file (36+ MB) and the file can be downloaded. There is also an option to create a smaller (1.9 MB) plain text file.