The Descendants of
Leonard Odum
Liberty County, Georgia
Volusia County, Florida
1826 - 1905

Leonard William Odum, son of James Odum and Mary Thomas, was born on 20 Nov 1826 in Bulloch County, Georgia and died in 1905 in Volusia County, Florida at age 79.

Leonard married Sarah J. (perhaps Dukes or Dykes?) about 1846. Sarah was born in Sep 1828 in Georgia and died abpout 1900-1910 in Volusia County, Florida. Sarah is also listed as Sarah Catherine on one census. I have not been able to identify Sarah's parents.

In 1850 the couple was living in Liberty County, Georgia, with one child, Sina, then shown as 5 months old. Leonard's 13 year old brother, Henry Odum, was living with them, apparently having moved there from Bulloch County after the death of their mother in 1849. Around 1858, the family moved to the DeLeon Springs area in the western part of Volusia County, Florida, where they remained. Henry did not accompany them in this move but remained in the Wayne County, Georgia area.

Leonard and Sarah had 11 children: Sina, James W., George, Leaston Emery, John Breckinridge, Georgia Ann, Laura D., Barbara E., Sarah Jane, Leonard, and Alice.

Leonard's children and descendants are listed in the Odum family tree 1.

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1 Information is provided tracing the family for two or three generations. Unfortunately, more recent data has to be omitted for privacy and security reasons.