Isham B. Thomas is the earliest of my Thomases I have been able to locate and is my gg-grandfather.  Isham (or Isom, Isum, Isome, Isam or I. B. - take your pick, records show them all) has been traced from the 1830's in Bulloch County, Georgia (where I think he was probably born about 1803); to Decatur County where he married Mary Ulmer on November 29, 1846; to Lowndes County for the 1850 U. S. Census; to Alachua County, Florida, where the family moved in late 1850 or early 1851.  They were there for the 1860 census also.  Isham died in December 1868 in Alachua County and Mary died there in September 1873.

Isham's only firmly documented sibling, Mary Thomas, was born about 1799. She married James Odum in Bulloch County, Georgia in 1817 and later Andrew Kicklighter, Sr. there in 1841. Many of the Odum descendants settled in Wayne County, Georgia and Volusia County, Florida. Her one Kicklighter child, Mary, married and settled in Bryan County, Georgia.

Winnifred Thomas (born about 1802) is also likely another sister. Winnifred married James Rimes in Bulloch County on February 27, 1824. The connection made between Mary Thomas and Winnifred is due to James Rimes being appointed guardian of Mary's orphaned minor child, Godfrey Odum, after Mary's death in 1848-49.

Isham's father may be William Thomas found in Bulloch County on the 1820 census. Other siblings may be Vicey Thomas (born about 1806 and married Jesse Kicklighter) and Nancy Thomas (born about 1808 and married Andrew Kicklighter, Jr.).

The Thomas cemetery in Alachua County, Florida, has a great number of Thomases and their married relations buried there.  This cemetery information is available online.

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Isham B. Thomas
Details regarding Isham B. Thomas, born about 1803 in Georgia, died 1868 in Alachua County, Florida.
Isham B. Thomas Family Tree
Beginning in Bulloch County, Georgia about 1800.
Mary Thomas
Details regarding Mary Thomas, born about 1799 in Georgia, died 1849 in Georgia.
Mary Thomas Family Tree
Descendants of Mary Thomas' marriages to (1) James Odum and (2) Andrew Kicklighter, Sr.
THOMAS Cemetery, Alachua County, Florida.
This is an update to the 1968 cemetery survey done by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).
Umatilla Cemetery, Umatilla, Lake County, Florida
Photographs and transcriptions of the headstones in the PIKE section.  Several Thomases who are related to the Pikes are buried here.
Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery has several old Thomas photographs, including the only known photograph of Joseph Murray Thomas.
Isham J. Thomas and Ivey A. Thomas
These are additional Thomas families that are believed to be related to Isham B. Thomas, but the proof thus far has remained elusive.

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