Marriage Records

Brooks County, Georgia

This information was taken from the Marriage Record Books dated 1859 through April 30, 2007 at the Probate Judge's Office, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.

PIKE surname only.

Age, if shown in parentheses, is only in years. No birth dates are listed in the original records.
The listings are in alphabetical order.

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PIKE Marriages - Grooms
GroomBrideMarriage DateRecorded:
BARNES, Grady (33)PIKE, Sallie (18)Aug. 19, 1942WG-228
DAVIS, BobPIKE, CeleyJan. 28, 1892D-223
FLETCHER, C. J.PIKE, Bulah G.Dec. 2, 1920WF-252
GEDDINGS, DuncanPIKE, MaryFeb. 16, 1878B-275
KENDRICK, BobPIKE, EuniceSep. 30, 1896WE-30
KENDRICK, J. W.PIKE, Ruth F.Jan. 13, 1894D-364
KENNEDY, D. B.PIKE, BerthaApr. 11, 1912WF-40
MILLER, Joseph Howell (23)PIKE, Annie Lee (22)Oct. 2, 1933WF-561
NICHOLS, Clinnis V. (21)PIKE, Geneva (18)Dec. 9, 1934WF-602
OBERHOLTZER, Frank H.PIKE, NellieOct. 24, 1917WF-174
PIKE, AlbertJOHNSON, Lilla OraJan. 12, 1913WF-59
PIKE, Billy Lane (21)JARRUS, Sandra D. (21)Jul. 24, 1990WL-399
PIKE, C. L.JOYCE, MaryNov. 22, 1865A-72
PIKE, Clarence Augustus (26)MCALLISTER, Sara (21)Jul. 26, 1934WF-589
PIKE, Enoch H.HENDRY, Salome N.Dec. 22, 1859A-10
PIKE, GeorgeBELLAMY, AdelineSep. 28, 1915CG-63
PIKE, George W.JOYCE, Alice E.Jan. 29, 1861A-28
PIKE, GordonWRIGHT, MattieSep. 8, 1906F-334
PIKE, JacksonLAWSON, RobertaDec. 27, 1892D-280
PIKE, Lawrence FolsomBLEASE, Willie LeeAug. 11, 1925WF-389
PIKE, LewisHALL, CharlieJan. 15, 1896WE-20
PIKE, Roy (25)SPIVEY, Joane (21)Aug. 4, 1962WH-501
PIKE, SamuelMARTIN, CelyJan. 15, 1870A-332
PIKE, SamuelSCOTE, DenoteJan. 25, 1888C-321
PIKE, TommieWATTS, AnnJan. 6, 1909F-438
PIKE, William L. (21)RAWLINS, Vivian (18)Jun. 19, 1948WH-13
PIKE, William L. (23)PIKE, Vivian Rawlins (20)Jul. 3, 1950WH-129
POND, Francis Edward (19)PIKE, Shirley Irene (18)Aug. 29, 1956WH-318
WATSON, W. L.PIKE, JennieNov. 14, 1897WE-43
WILLIAMS, B. M.PIKE, LizzieDec. 22, 1889D-82
WILLIAMS, Claude1 (20)PIKE, Ora B. (20)May 11, 1935WF-612
WINTERS, L. W.PIKE, AliceFeb. 14, 1918WF-181

PIKE Marriages - Brides
BrideGroomMarriage DateRecorded:
BELLAMY, AdelinePIKE, GeorgeSep. 28, 1915CG-63
BLEASE, Willie LeePIKE, Lawrence FolsomAug. 11, 1925WF-389
HALL, CharliePIKE, LewisJan. 15, 1896WE-20
HENDRY, Salome N.PIKE, Enoch H.Dec. 22, 1859A-10
JARRUS, Sandra D. (21)PIKE, Billy Lane (21)Jul. 24, 1990WL-399
JOHNSON, Lilla OraPIKE, AlbertJan. 12, 1913WF-59
JOYCE, Alice E.PIKE, George W.Jan. 29, 1861A-28
JOYCE, MaryPIKE, C. L.Nov. 22, 1865A-72
LAWSON, RobertaPIKE, JacksonDec. 27, 1892D-280
MARTIN, CelyPIKE, SamuelJan. 15, 1870A-332
MCALLISTER, Sara (21)PIKE, Clarence Augustus (26)Jul. 26, 1934WF-589
PIKE, AliceWINTERS, L. W.Feb. 14, 1918WF-181
PIKE, Annie Lee (22)MILLER, Joseph Howell (23)Oct. 2, 1933WF-561
PIKE, BerthaKENNEDY, D. B.Apr. 11, 1912WF-40
PIKE, Bulah G.FLETCHER, C. J.Dec. 2, 1920WF-252
PIKE, CeleyDAVIS, BobJan. 28, 1892D-223
PIKE, EuniceKENDRICK, BobSep. 30, 1896WE-30
PIKE, Geneva (18)NICHOLS, Clinnis V. (21)Dec. 9, 1934WF-602
PIKE, JennieWATSON, W. L.Nov. 14, 1897WE-43
PIKE, LizzieWILLIAMS, B. M.Dec. 22, 1889D-82
PIKE, MaryGEDDINGS, DuncanFeb. 16, 1878B-275
PIKE, NellieOBERHOLTZER, Frank H.Oct. 24, 1917WF-174
PIKE, Ora B. (20)WILLIAMS, Claude1 (20)May 11, 1935WF-612
PIKE, Ruth F.KENDRICK, J. W.Jan. 13, 1894D-364
PIKE, Sallie (18)BARNES, Grady (33)Aug. 19, 1942WG-228
PIKE, Shirley Irene (18)POND, Francis Edward (19)Aug. 29, 1956WH-318
PIKE, Vivian Rawlins (20)PIKE, William L. (23)Jul. 3, 1950WH-129
RAWLINS, Vivian (18)PIKE, William L. (21)Jun. 19, 1948WH-13
SCOTE, DenotePIKE, SamuelJan. 25, 1888C-321
SPIVEY, Joane (21)PIKE, Roy (25)Aug. 4, 1962WH-501
WATTS, AnnPIKE, TommieJan. 6, 1909F-438
WRIGHT, MattiePIKE, GordonSep. 8, 1906F-334


1   May be Floyd Williams.

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