Marriage Records

Brooks County, Georgia

This information was taken from the Marriage Record Books dated 1859 through April 30, 2007 at the Probate Judge's Office, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.

MORRISON surnames only.

Age, if shown in parentheses, is only in years. No birth dates are listed in the original records.
The listings are in alphabetical order.

MORRISON Marriages - Grooms
GroomBrideMarriage DateRecorded:
ASHLEY, Murray (21)MORRISON, Mattie Julia (21)Jul. 8, 1933WF-556
ASHLEY, Robert E.MORRISON, SusieAug. 13, 1932WF-535
BETHEA, Leroy (23)MORRISON, Myrtle (23)Sept. 20, 1933WF-537
BRICE, J. A.MORRISON, Emma LouMar. 14, 1923WF-323
COOPER, R. R.MORRISON, GussieDec. 14, 1919WF-220
DUCKWORTH, J. J.MORRISON, PietyOct. 16, 1895WE-13
MONTAGUE, ArthurMORRISON, Mary BellJan. 13, 1910F-495
MORRISON, Bill (25)HOLMAN, Fannie Lou (25)Sept. 13, 1941CG-166
MORRISON, D. L. (20)GRIFFIN, Bertha (19)Oct. 12, 1930WF-486
MORRISON, JesseBRIGHT, AllineDec. 17, 1917CG-180
MORRISON, John P.INGRAM, Mary E.Dec. 2, 1896WE-41
MORRISON, ThomasCOX, EdithJune 14, 1899WE-70
MORRISON, James Edward (18)MORRISON, Minnie Lou (16)Mar. 3, 1951WH-148
PETERSON, TomMORRISON, MandyMay 27, 1844C-147

MORRISON Marriages - Brides
BrideGroomMarriage DateRecorded:
BRIGHT, AllineMORRISON, JesseDec. 17, 1917CG-180
COX, EdithMORRISON, ThomasJune 14, 1899WE-70
GRIFFIN, Bertha (19)MORRISON, D. L. (20)Oct. 12, 1930WF-486
HOLMAN, Fannie Lou (25)MORRISON, Bill (25)Sept. 13, 1941CG-166
INGRAM, Mary E.MORRISON, John P.Dec. 2, 1896WE-41
MORRISON, Emma LouBRICE, J. A.Mar. 14, 1923WF-323
MORRISON, GussieCOOPER, R. R.Dec. 14, 1919WF-220
MORRISON, MandyPETERSON, TomMay 27, 1844C-147
MORRISON, Mary BellMONTAGUE, ArthurJan. 13, 1910F-495
MORRISON, Mattie Julia (21)ASHLEY, Murray (21)Jul. 8, 1933WF-556
MORRISON, Minnie Lou (16)MURDOCK, James Edward (18)Mar. 3, 1951WH-148
MORRISON, Myrtle (23)BETHEA, Leroy (23)Sept. 20, 1933WF-537
MORRISON, PietyDUCKWORTH, J. J.Oct. 16, 1895WE-13
MORRISON, SusieASHLEY, Robert E.Aug. 13, 1932WF-535

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